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Fjand Badeby - Cabins and Guesthouse

Fjand Badeby is our idea of creating a holiday community on the West Coast

With us, you can spend your holiday or hold your celebration, and we also happily welcome groups on tour. Whether you're into the wild North Sea coast, beautiful sunsets, or local secrets, there's plenty of room for experiences, relaxation, and togetherness. When you stay with us, you can either stay in the Badebyen or at the Strandfogedgården. You're welcome to stay with us for a few days or even several weeks if you want to experience it all.


The Badebyen consists of 11 cozy cabins that provide the essentials, as well as a large communal house that everyone can use. In the Badebyen, you're close to the community and our activities, and there's also the opportunity to seek peace in your own cabin. Good for 1-3 people.


Our old, thatched Strandfogedgården is located just a stone's throw from the Badebyen. There are four large, individual accommodations with space for many guests and room to enjoy each other's company. Suitable for larger families and groups, and if you're more than 3 people.


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