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Commodity market in Han Herred Havbåde at Easter

Commodity market in Han Herred Havbåde (Seaboats) with local commodity producers.

At the market you will be able to meet Ulrik and Hanne from Tranum Mølle Destilleri, which is one of Denmark's smallest. Despite its size, the distillery has i.a. managed to make award-winning gins. Tranum Mill has all the products for the raw material market and will serve lovely tastings.

Allan from Bugtens Bryghus, which is based on good Danish traditions for brewing good beer.

Lars Bo from Gjøl Bigård sells a wide range of flavors in honey, "The sweet spice", as well as pollen, propolis, honey wine, wax candles and seed bags for flower beds for the wild insects.

Tina from Chenillen, sells bread, rye bread and buns baked with mash from Bugtens Bryghus. In addition, delicious cookies which are available in several varieties.

Anders and Louise from Vester Hedegaard sell organic flour in many varieties.

Anja from DahlLuther in Tranum, who bakes sourdough bread in different varieties, rye bread and cakes that are also made on sourdough. All baked in our own microbaker.


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