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Cafe Slugten livemusik - Ronni Strøm

Live music at Cafe Slugten: Ronni Strøm

Ronni has for many years been a fixture at Cafe Slugten There is a very special reason for this… With a past as a roadie for some of the country's biggest names like, Johnny Madsen and Allan Olsen, there is no doubt which way Ronni Strøm rides out. His roots based country-rock flows on sounding American beyond the steppes to his deep and dark crooner voice. Ronni and Co always deliver! It's crisp country, charm, confidence and gorgeous hair at its best

Enjoy the music, the food, the warm atmosphere and serving with a twinkle in the eye

Seats can be secured for the music by reserving a table for dining on tel. 98960633 ☎️



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