Cafe Kesses Hus - Pancake Cafe in Klitmøller

Klitmoeller's pancake café

Klitmoeller's pancake café "Kesses House" serves homemade sweet and savoury pancakes, with many different fillings.

Who, for example, could say no to a sweet pancake with ice cream and homemade rhubarb compote, or a buckwheat pancake with broccoli, smoked salmon from the old smokehouse in Hanstholm and homemade herd cream cheese.

By far the favorite pancake of 2014, was the sweet pancake with ice cream and Nutella, so I think we'll keep it on the menu in 2015! Come by Kesses house and find your own favorite.

We also have a good selection of local, specialty beers from Fur Brewery, organic juices from Adel Hardt, wine, tea and coffee.

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