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Agger - Fishing village in National Park Thy

The small fishing village Agger by the North Sea is characterized by its unique location by the sea, lake, forest and fjord.

The small coastal town is located in a beautiful area in the southern part of National Park Thy, and the unique animal and bird life on Agger Tange makes a visit to Agger a special experience.

Here are wide, white sandy beaches and the opportunity to go amber hunting or experience the distinctive nature on foot or by bike along various signposted routes.

Denmark's longest handicap path

The path leads from the parking lot by the dunes at the end of Vesterhavsgade, up on the dune, where you can either turn left to get on an asphalt road in the direction of Agger Tange, the southernmost part of National Park Thy, which with its bird sanctuary invites you to watch the birds for all seasons.

If you choose to turn right, you will come towards Lodbjerg Lighthouse, which can be seen in the distance, and where Flat Lake is located just behind the dunes.

Agger also has a marina, located by Nissum Bredning, the westernmost part of the Limfjord. Here you will find a angling shop, restaurant Agger Darling, and Agger Havn Feriecenter with its apartments and an indoor swimming pool. The small fishing huts by the fjord give the place a special atmosphere.

Feel free to visit Agger's small idyllic church, which has had to be moved twice due to sand escape.


The black houses

In Agger you will also find a collection of characteristic wooden houses, the history of which is linked to coastal protection.

"De Sorte Huse" was a workplace for the Water Construction Authority in the early 20th century. The water construction service had various workshops in the houses, and from here materials were driven by rail to the 29 hips that were built at the time to limit the sea's degradation of the coast.

Today, De Sorte Huse is the setting for various cultural events throughout the year, and here you will also find an exhibition about the history of the city and coastal fishing. In addition, you will also find a "packed lunch house".

Agger's history in one house

Fiskerhuset is a small museum that tells about the fishermen's life in the old days and about the building customs on the West Coast.

Svaneholmhus Information Center

At Agger Tange you will also find the information center Svaneholmhus by the ferry port at the very bottom of the southern tip of the seaweed.

The place is a natural hub for various types of traffic, as it is possible to get there by car, on foot, by bike and by kayak or boat.

Here you can learn more about the area's nature and cultural history, get tips for fun activities and find information material and guides.

Svaneholmhus is open every day all year round from 6.00 to the last ferry.


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