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Action House: Laserhunt - shooting simulator

Laserhunt is a fantastic shooting simulator that allows you to experience hunting in a whole new way.

With 3 types of weapons to choose from - a scoped and realistic hunting rifle, a rifle and a pistol - you can try your hand at shooting ducks, pigeons and buffalo.

Laserhunt has different courses with different nature, such as savannah, forest and lake, and you can experience different animals in their natural surroundings. This creates an authentic and exciting experience for anyone who wants to try their hand at hunting.

Laserhunt is the perfect activity for a men's or ladies' night, but also fun for the whole family. In cozy settings in a hunting lodge atmosphere, you can sit by yourself with a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the shooting experience.

This fun and exciting activity will definitely give you a good experience and the feeling of having tried your hand at hunting in a safe and responsible way. So whether you are an experienced shooter or have never tried it before, Laserhunt is for you!


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