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The Voice of Nature 2023 - The wave

The past meets the present - Vestervig will never be the same after a visit from Johnny Haugaard and the Voice of Nature.

The Voice of Nature, the journey that started five years ago, has this time ended in Vestervig.
The Voice of Nature is a voice from nature that speaks to the heart. It is a world of creativity, closeness, sensitivity, colors, presence and joy.

This exhibition is for the whole family. We've gone straight to jail.
All the volunteers who come from all over Denmark help to make a work of art for you in the Court House, which is located in the middle of Vestervig and is the oldest building in the city. The courthouse contains 7 prison cells, a courtroom, the old private residence for the custodian. There is a lot of history under one roof in the building from the mid-1800s. The whole area has a unique history.

The doors are now being opened for a spring exhibition - an exhibition created from natural materials that tells the story of the house and the bird Phoenix. The cells are decorated for the biblical story of Easter and the resurrection.

When you leave the exhibition, the sun will meet you!
They can't tell you more, but it's worth a visit. The whole of Vestervig has decorated itself, and there will be morning runs along the beautiful nature trails during the Easter days.

The old mill by the church will be open and running as it did 100 years ago. The old burial mounds in the area, Vestervig Church and the old Iron Age settlement are all worth a visit.

The lawyer's residence will be converted into a cafe and shop, and the inn will cook delicious food. All in all, the whole city has prepared to welcome spring in Thy.


Johnny Haugaard welcomes you

My name is Johnny Haugaard. I am a flower artist and my passion is joy, people and life. I use fun floral solutions with natural materials to create experiences for you as a guest. Come and visit my world of creativity.

I have had the pleasure of working with the school, and their artwork will be on display in Klosterparken. In the park there is also a wish house which can be visited. Here voices whisper in the walls about wishes for the future.


Nature's Voice 2023 "The Wave" is the exhibition for you who want a fresh start to spring.
The "wave", the new age about man, must be seen.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 4 April.
Opening hours every day at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The store has the same opening hours.

You can pre-order food tickets for the tapas plate in the cafe in the old lawyer's residence under the ticket link. You can also buy coffee and cake in the café.

At Tinghuskroen it is possible to buy smørrebrød as well as coffee and cake.

See more on "Friends of the flower man" on Facebook about the various activities in the city.

Order a ticket today and the price is DKK 150.00.
At the entrance, the price is DKK 175.00.
Children 0-6 free, 7-12 years DKK 75.
The ticket is valid for the whole day, so you can come back after a trip around the city.
For the second, third, fourth visit on other days, the price is only DKK 50.

Vestervig and Johnny Haugaard welcome Naturens Stemme 2023 "Bølgen".


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