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Travel an Ice Age Valley on Horseback

The route goes from Sønderbygaard near Vinderup, which has horse facilities, towards Holmgård Sø in a tunnel valley from the ice age. The area has a rare plant and wildlife. The ride will bring you close to Borbjerg Holmgård Præstegård, which dates from the 16th century. The tour goes past Borbjerg Mølle Kro, which dates from 1408 onwards to Store Ryde Mølle in Hellegård Ådal, which is a large, beautiful and wide meltwater valley, where several water mills have utilized the stream from the river. Accommodation: Both you and your horse can stay at Sønderbygaard.

The riding route begins at Sønderbygaard near Vinderup, where there is ample parking and facilities for both horses and their riders. From here the route heads off in the direction of Holmgård Sø (Holmgård Lake) and Mølle Sø (Mill Lake).

Holmgård Sø fills out the bottom of a tunnel valley created during the last Ice Age. The area is home to many rare species of animals and plants, and you can see both orchids and globe flowers in the meadows.

The route takes you past Borbjerg Holmgård Præstegård (Borbjerg Holmgård Rectory) on Holmgård Sø. Today the rectory is a private house, but the 16th Century building was once a sizeable rectory.

The route then passes Borbjerg Mølle (Borbjerg Mill), now converted for use as an inn. Continue through Kjeldsmark towards Store Ryde Mølle (Store Ryde Mill) in Hellegård Ådal (Hellegård Valley). The broad valley and its attractive vistas were formed by the action of meltwater, and Hellegård Å (Hellegård River) has powered many a water mill through the centuries including Store Ryde Mølle which is now a private house.

Accommodation: At Sønderbygaard both you and your horse can find accommodation.

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