Town Centre Culture and the Nature of Storå

From Enghaven follow Horsstræde and Asylgade to Kjeld Digesmeds Sti. Cross Vesterbrogade, and follow Engvej to Storåstien. At 104 km, Storå is Denmark’s second-longest river. Its source is near Ikast and it flows into Nissum Fjord.

Follow Storå past Vængerne, cross Frøjkvej to Frøjk Parksti and cross Frøjkparken to Thorsvej and the lakes by Vølundsvej.

Follow Vølundsvej to Sortestien and Biblioteksstien. You will pass Sysselting, a former retirements home from 1912. In the 1980’s Sysselting was converted for use by the mentally handicapped and since 2009 it has functioned as a youth hostel.

Continue below Bisgårdsgade on Sct. Jørgens Bakke to Rådhusstræde and the old town hall. Built in 1846, it is now a listed building. It stands behind Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture from 1942 “Woman on Cart”. The bronze sculpture is known locally as ”Maren on a Wagon”. When Holstebro Municipality purchased it in 1966 for DKK 210,000 it created quite a stir. In 2008 it was valued at more than DKK 100 million.

Opposite the old town hall is Hotel Schaumburg, from 1852. Now follow Nørregade and continue through the alleyway to Enghaven. 

Red route on the map. The hike is 13 km.