Skånsø  near Vinderup is one of Denmark's cleanest lakes, which makes it a must see for anyone who enjoys nature.

A walk through the countryside at Skånsø offers beautiful moors.

In addition, the lake houses a number of rare aquatic plants, which can grow in the so-called Lobeliesø lake with extra clear water.

The area around Skånsø is dominated by conifers. The heath is particularly beautiful in August and September, where the heather flourishes. Here are several places overlooking Hvidemose, Skalle Sø and the area north of Hjerl Hede.

You can choose from two routes. Red route is a 3 km long nature path. As additions to red route you can walk the blue or yellow route for a longer trip. Blue route adds 1,4 km and yellow adds 1,3 km.

The Green route is 1,2 km and is a pepple route, right by Skånsø. This path is perfect for families travelling with children or for people in wheelchair.