Nissum Fjord

Nissum Fjord is located in West Jutland west of Vemb and is bounded from the North Sea by a 13 km long strip of land, Bøvling Klit, with outflow through a sluice at Thorsminde.

The fjord has a water area of 70 km² or 7000 ha, but the water depth is only approx. 1 meter, and the deepest areas in Felsted Kog and the central part of the fjord 2-3 meters; The northern part of the fjord, called Bøvling Fjord, is so shallow that it is sometimes goes completely dry when there are strong winds.

Nissum Fjord is home to Ramme Å, Flynder Å, Damhus Å and the largest water stream Storå, which has its outlet in the eastern corner of Felsted Kog in the southeastern end of the fjord.

You can fish eels, pike, perch and European whitefish in Nissum Fjord.

Read the Ministry of Environment and Food Administration's information on special rules for fishing in Nissum Fjord here.

All anglers aged 18 - 65 must obtain an angling licence. These are on sale at the post office or at National Angling Licence.