Nightingales and Headless Horses

Just outside Borbjerg is Borbjerg Møllesø (Borbjerg Mill Lake). You will find there is plenty to see on the path around the lake.

Alongside the path there are both swampy marsh areas and tall hillsides covered in trees. The trip also takes in both Borbjerg Kirke (Borbjerg Church) and Borbjerg Mølle (Borbjerg Mill), one at each end of the lake.

Borbjerg Church was built around 1150 and is a fascinating destination in its own right. On the church hill stands a massive reunification stone to mark the reunification with Southern Jutland in 1920.

Borbjerg Mølle was built in 1408 and has belonged to a number of different manors. Today the building has been converted into an inn with restaurant and conference centre.

Keen ornithologists will find plenty of interest around the lake. In fact, almost all the species of birds that frequent reed beds are represented in the belt of reeds and bushes. In June you can also hear nightingales.

There are swans on the lake and herons are also frequently to be seen wadding in the shallow waters on the lookout for fish. At the Mill Lake you can canoe, fish og take a trip in one of he rowing boats. In the area af the inn you also find emus, donkeys, llamas and nose bears.

South of Trabjergvej where the path turns off the paved road is ”Helmuskrogen.” Legend has it that a headless horse rises out of the swamp at midnight.

Red route on the map. The hike is 2 km.