Nature's Beauty - History's Cruelty - bicycle route

Magnificent nature experience by bike on the North Sea. The cycle route runs from Vedersø Ferring through dunes, forests, moors and fjords. Discover the story along the way: At Strandingsmuseum St. George in Thorsminde you can experience the dramatic side of the North Sea. Christmas night 1811 lost HMS St. George and HMS Defense on the coast, and approx. 1300 English soldiers and sailors perished. Skærum Mill and the Manor House no. Vosborg in Vemb is worth a stay - as are the pearls of old churches, farm shops and galleries on the route.

If you want to get right out into the countryside on your bicycle then this 120 km trip could well be the one for you.

The route runs from Vedersø in the south to Ferring in the north, and takes in dunes, woods, heathland and the inlet.

Should you wish to make the trip at a gentler pace you can spend the night at one of the nature campsites or regular camping sites on the route.

Take a break and get up close to history at Strandingsmuseum St. George (The Stranding Museum) in Thorsminde. The museum tells the story of the fateful Christmas Night of 1811. The night when two British warships, the HMS St. George and its escort the HMS Defence, ran aground on the Danish coast and some 1300 soldiers and sailors lost their lives.

Manor House Nr. Vosborg and Skærum Mølle (Skærum Mill) near Vemb are also well worth visiting.