Nature trail on the Bird Island in Thorsminde

At the end of Havnevej on Gammel Havn in the coastal town of Thorsminde by the North Sea, you will find a 3 km hiking trail.

Here is also a bird tower, from which there is a good view of the Nature Park Nissum Fjord.


Local tale...

The fishing nets were drying on poles along the coast
It could look like the base of a Danish midsummer bonfire or the skeleton of a tipi.

But the cone-shaped assemblages of poles along the water edge on the island Fugleøen are a completely different story.

In the past, they were used to dry fishing nets. At that time, the nets were not made of nylon but instead of natural materials treated with
tar. They would rot were they not hung up to dry. Therefore, the fishermen hang them on the wooden poles and let them hang for a week –
until they began to get dusty. Then they would take them down again ready for another fishing trip.