Light in the darkness - Lightshow at Hjerl Hede

Have a colorful lighting experience at Hjerl Hede, where you can have an experience - completely out of the ordinary. Experience the beautiful, snow-covered museum lit by colorful light - a very small light show.

In the old days, the darkening was a special time in the evening, when the family gathered in the glow of the counting candles, tinkering with needlework and telling stories.

Come out into the winter cold to experience the darkening in a whole new way with the family. It will be a very special experience.

  • Hjerl Hede is 20ha, so there is plenty of space during corona time - and everything takes place outside.
  • The toilets are not open and a tow truck / wheelchair cannot be rented.
  • Entrance to the Light Show: go left of the main building and right at the barrier - we are ready.
  • Bring your own coffee / tea to warm up out there.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be used during the period at 17.30-20, where the beautiful and light is lit in the dark.

PRICE: Adults DKK 60. Children under 18 free admission.