Let Køb Staby

The local convenience store in the small town of Staby, between Ulfborg and the North Sea, has a very large selection of cheeses. Between 50 and 70 different cheeses wait for the cheesecake in the fridge. And if you want to buy a cheesecake home, there is also the possibility. Here are both different types of cheddar, gouda, ravost, North Sea cheese, uncle scratch and ugly wolf. The cheese has become the brand name of the store and a cheese logo adorns the car that brings goods to customers in the small town every day.

The Happy Garden behind the shop is waiting for customers to pick up fresh flowers and herbs free of charge. The garden is entirely voluntary by those who have the time and effort. In the garden you can enjoy the sight of the flowers, a cup of coffee and have a quiet moment.

A local farmer from Sdr. Nissum comes by every day with new supplies of new Danish potatoes to the vegetable department.