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Kystcentervej 3

7680 Thyborøn


Phone:9690 0200

Kystcentret, an Exploratorium that invites its visitors to be active.  

The Costal Centre enjoys a unique location on the North Sea. Fascinating experiments and exhibitions provide a truly remarkable insights into the dramatic natural elements that have ravaged and formed the Danish coastline.

In the Coastel Centre you can build dams, create waves and be sucked down into quicksands. You can zoom in on vessels in the Channel of Thyborøn, or you can try steering a remote-controlled trawler.

There is something to excite your senses everywehere. You pick, press, touch, smell and listen your way to knowledge and insight into the nature and culture of the coast. 

Take the opportunity to drop by Thyborøn's many other exciting attractions, such as JyllandsAkvariet, where you can see and touch fish from the North Sea and participate in guided tours in nature. Sneglehuset (The snail house), is covered with snail shells and conch shells both outside and inside and shows a small exhibition of bottle ships. Iskunsten is Thyborøn's latest new attraction in the old cold store. Here, unique works of art are cuddled out of giant ice blocks. Experience how light plays in the ice in a magical way.



Kystcentervej 3

7680 Thyborøn


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