Shop and coffee shop selling handmade chocolate and other specialties like coffee beans and tea. From the coffee shop's kitchen, freshly baked bread and cakes are baked from the grandmother's recipe book. The menu also offers breakfast and light lunches.

Kaffeladen is housed in a preserved 1904 building, built by Marius Fjeldstad. It is called the Karoline building and is located on Store Torv.

Between 1925-63 there was a very well-known patisserie called Karoline. It was run and owned by Karoline Poulsen.

"Karoline" was almost an institution in the town, where the the upper middle-class had coffee and cake. When the people from the countryside went to town, it was customary to wear city clothes and visit the Karoline Patisserie. Even today, the building is konwn as the Karoline building.

During summer, the café has an outdoor terrace along the shop's facade and at Store Torv.