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Hotel Kirkedal - Dissing and Las at Hotel Kirkedal with dining

Concert with the Band Tørfisk


Dissing & Las can do something very special. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what they do, but there's a special atmosphere in the room from the moment they step on stage. As if we look at each other a little differently, and what we thought was so important before we came here. It is actually something that you easily become addicted to.


At 17.30 – Doors open

At 18:00 – A welcome is given and the buffet opens.

At 20:00 – The concert starts.


Rooms for overnight stays can be booked on tel. 52 399 388 - as long as stocks last - please state that you are going to a concert.


Price: DKK 400.00.

Link to event: https://hotelkirkedal.dk/arrangement/dissing-dissing-og-las/

Link to ticket sale: https://www.billetsalg.dk/Event/Dissing%20-%20Dissing%20%26%20Las/5731


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