Fisch Auction in Thorsminde

Drop by the auction hall in Thorsminde on a Saturday in July and August when a fish auction is held for tourists. Here you can experience the real fishing environment at the North Sea and the auction, where the bids for the fishes fly through the air.

The auction goes strong so you really have to be awake if you have to follow! You are welcome to bid on the freshly caught fish and buy some delicious home for dinner. A unique experience you must not miss.

In the auction hall you can buy a lunch plate with freshly fried fish, beer and water.

The fish auction starts at 10:30. Video of Thorsminde.


Local tale...

Todays’s fresh fish is from Thorsminde
They are rarely in the harbour at the same time. But if the seven largest fishing vessels are entering at once, they could bring 150 tons of
fresh fish.

Many plaice and cod. And turbot. And brill, blue whiting, or anglerfish. All gently caught with nets close to the shore or far out in the North

The fishermen of Thorsminde are friendly and many of them participate in the fish auction at Gammel Havn. Every summer, this exciting
event attracts both locals and tourists in search of freshly caught fish.

Keep an eye on the auction – or ask a resident, because the opening hours change – just like the tide and the fish of the day.