Dragons and other mythical creatures at Holstebro Museum

As the only museum in Denmark, Holstebro Museum has the opportunity to show a fantastic exhibition from New York about sea monsters, giants and not least a 5 meter long kite with a wingspan of almost 6 meters.

'Dragons and other mythical creatures' is for the whole family and tells about mythical creatures from all over the world. Hear about mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, unicorns, bigfoot, elephant birds and much, much more.

From the water come, for example, the octopus, mermaids and other creatures that live in the depths of the sea.

On land you can meet the griffon, which combines body parts of eagles and lions. The unicorn is a horse with a magic horn. Huge bones from mammoths may have inspired tales of giants, and bones from fossil dwarf elephants may have inspired tales of cyclops.

In the air there are winged mythical creatures such as the Asian phoenix and the Greek sphinx as well as the Pegasus - a horse with wings.

The kite is found both on land, at sea and in the air. In Europe, dragons are strong, evil and dangerous. In Holstebro we know especially the legend of Skt. Jørgen and the Dragon in our city coat of arms, and we have even retold it in a local variant such as the battle between Ridder Holst and Lindormen. In Asia, dragons have mighty powers, they can control the clouds, move the seasons, and control the water.