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BIBIANA Danmark Hirtshals

Unleash your imagination in the enchanting art gallery for children at the harbor in Hirtshals. Here are mermaids in droves, incomparable art and space for contemplation, imagination and play
Fabulous and empathetic exhibitions at child height.In Denmark's first art gallery for children, children and their adults are invited to incomparable art experiences, and to a world of subtlety and immersion.BIBIANA Denmark in Hirtshals presents the fabulous and empathetic exhibition ‘Ø’, which is based on the award-winning illustrator Anna Jacobina Jacobsen's picture book of the same name. Jacobina's wordless book is about a girl who lives on an island all alone until one morning she finds a little mermaid in a can of sardines. You can experience the stunning illustrations from ‘Ø´ presented in a world of Jacobina’s line, including trees, voluminous flowers, a mirror lake and intricate mermaid tails. An empathetic, embracing exhibition where you can experience world-class illustration art for children on your own body.In the art gallery you can also visit the beautiful and somewhat mysterious mermaids, who demand exciting stories, myths and legends from sailors around the world.You can also let your imagination run wild and immerse yourself in the extraordinary and infinitely beautiful 3D paper clips with motifs from the children's book "Deep Sea".BIBIANA Denmark is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and teach children about art and culture by disseminating the world's best children's book illustration art through innovative exhibitions.Follow BIBIANA Denmark on Facebook for opening hours, activities and workshops, or read more on our website